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Lip Fillers

Fillers can be used for lip augmentation, also known as lip plumping.

Using an injectable filler, you can smooth out the lines that run from the lip to the surrounding skin area. It is possible to rejuvenate aging lips with lip fillers. A lip augmentation enhances the lips, making them appear fuller, softer, and more beautiful. Injectable fillers have rapidly become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments. There are many reasons why patients choose to have lip fillers injected. It is possible for some patients to have thin lips due to heredity; other patients may feel that their upper lip curls under when they smile, making too much of their gums visible.

The appearance of fine lines and loss of fullness may occur as patients age. The use of alcohol and smoking can also contribute to decreased lip fullness and wrinkles. In addition to correcting some aesthetic asymmetries in the lips, lip plumping is also popular among patients. Most patients find lip augmentation to provide very rewarding and natural results, as well as a more pleasing, noticeable smile.

The doctors at our practice have a keen aesthetic eye for beauty, and view dermal fillers not just as a non-surgical medical treatment, but as an art form as well.


  • Lip fillers are also safe — there is little risk of complications or side effects.
  • It can boost your self-esteem.
  • They can be reversed. Your healthcare provider can inject an enzyme (hyaluronidase) to dissolve your lip filler if you’re not satisfied with how you look.
  • Enhancing Your Appearance
  • The appearance of natural fullness
  • Gradual Progress
  • Side effects are minimal to nonexistent


  • Following the procedure, we recommend you refrain from strenuous exercise for 48 hours.
  • You may damage your lips if you exercise intensely
  • Keep your head elevated when going to bed after receiving lip injections in order to maximize blood flow and minimize swelling.
  • After your lip filler procedure, apply ice to your lips for no longer than ten minutes at a time. Ice is optional and can be done at your discretion.
  • It is recommended to take non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications if you need pain relief after lip injections. It is a good idea to take ibuprofen.


Consult your doctor, they’ll let you know if needed anything.

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No it’s not painful because treated area is numbed before the procedure.

15-30 minutes depending on the area treated.

In most cases, lip fillers last between six and 18 months. Lip filler will typically be metabolized faster than filler used in other areas of the face. Since our lips are constantly in motion while eating, drinking, and speaking, the product will metabolize more quickly.

Most clients are able to resume their normal daily activities after the surgery, though swelling may persist for up to two days. A slight swelling may persist, but usually goes away within a week. There may also be small bruises around the injection site, but they can be covered with makeup.