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Tripolar Skin Tightening

Tripollar skin tightening is a safe and extremely effective way to have tighter and smooth skin with a beautiful glow. It works by boosting the natural collagen in your skin and firms facial contours. Works by radio frequency waves.

This is radiofrequency and is the most well proven form of skin tightening. It works by heating the tissues below the skin and causing changes in the collagen initially by breaking it up and later stimulating new collagen formation. The procedure is very safe and totally comfortable. The results are obvious immediately and are visible. You can get this done on the day of a big event AND LOOK GORGEOUS!

Benefits/ Why you should go for this?

  • Safe & effective for fine lines & uneven skin texture.
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis and repairs broken down collagen.
  • Gives you a firm, radiant, tighter & youthful skin.
  • Takes off 5-7 years from your face.
  • Fine lines disappear
  • Reduce deeply embedded lines
  • Makes your face tighter, smoother with fresh and youthful skin.


  • Let us know if you have any metal implants in the body.
  • In case of shingles on face or open wound delay procedure until skin back to normal.
  • Please let the operator know any sensations you feel so the energy can be adjusted.


  • Do not have threading, waxing or bleach within 24 hours of the procedure.
  • Any redness should be treated by ice; the color will revert back to normal within half an hour. If it persists inform the clinic immediately.
  • Report back to the clinic in case of any problem.
  • Continue to use sun block as before.

For Appointment Call Now: 

Gulberg Clinic: 0333-4142045

DHA Phase 4 Clinic: 0335 4454303 / 0333-4666120


During the procedure you will feel some tingling on skin which is normal.

If you feel anything more inform the technician so the energy can be adjusted.

No down time, results are immediate and when all sessions are completed in 2 wks then they last for 6 months.

Maintenance can be done by one mega session every  months.

Normal session requires 30 minutes while mega session takes around 1 hr.

All sessions can also be availed in 3 days with one megasession each day.

This gives great results as well.