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Best PRP Treatment in Lahore

One of the most popular treatments is  platelet-rich plasma facials, also known as PRP facials. A technician draws whole blood and then uses a centrifuge to separate the red cells. In the facial process, platelet-rich plasma is used.

PRP facials use your own blood’s platelets and plasma to treat your face by adding growth factors to the skin layers. 

During a short procedure, your own PRP is slathered on your face and micro-needled into the skin. Once the plasma is injected, it begins regenerating your face, tightening wrinkled areas, and smoothing everything out. This is because PRP’s essential chemical components stimulate collagen production.

Others undergo a series of facial procedures rather than just one. PRP facials last about three to six months, depending on how often you receive them.

How it is done?

  • Plasma and platelets are separated from red cells using a centrifuge after a small sample of blood is taken. Red cells are not used in the procedure. When infused into your face, this protein-rich plasma stimulates collagen production.
  • A topical cream numbs your skin about 20 minutes before treatment.
  • First, hyaluronic acid and/or phyto-boost are infused to ensure the skin is fully hydrated.
  • After spreading plasma on your face, the next step takes place.
  • In order to ensure the protein-rich substance travels deep into your skin, the medical technician uses a microneedling device on your forehead, cheeks, and other parts of your face.
  • Microneedling itself stimulates collagen growth, so when you combine it with PRP, you’re getting a double boost.
  • After the micro-needling, you might notice some superficial pain and minor bruising on your face which usually settles overnight. 

Benefits of Face PRP:

Their positive effects truly transform the appearance of your skin

The plasma is from your own body, so there is no chance of an allergic reaction

There is minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure, and it takes only a few minutes

Boosts the body’s ability to produce new collagen and elastin.

Wrinkles, acne scars, lines & stretch marks can be virtually eliminated. 

Better skin tone and texture can be achieved with PRP facials.

Glowing skin with reduced pigmentation is seen as a result.


  • It is important that you let your doctor know if you are taking any blood thinners, as these may pose a contraindication to this treatment. 
  • On the day of your PRP session, you should eat a normal breakfast or lunch. 
  • At least 2 hours before your appointment, drink a bottle of water (500 mL)    


  • Most people settle the redness after PRP facial overnight; however some may experience bruising, redness, itching, swelling, and/or soreness. If you experience any pain or discomfort, you should contact the clinic.
  • For at least two days after your treatment, avoid vigorous exercise, exposure to the sun, and heat.   
  • After your treatment, you should avoid saunas, steam rooms, and swimming for two days. 
  • The three days following treatment should be spent avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. People who smoke heal less well, problems recur earlier, and results may take longer to manifest.  

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With numbing gel it is mild tingling only.

Around 1 to 1.5 hours with prebooking.

If 3 sessions are taken, effects will last for 3 to 6 months depending on individual lifestyle.

No side effects when done by a competent technician in a safe environment.